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The most relevant Digital Trends for 2022

Here are the top 12 digital marketing trends to watch in 2022, and how to use them to your advantage. Automated marketing campaigns is a major digital marketing trend for 2021, and will likely stay on top for years to come. Also, supporting video content will be one of the most important digital marketing trends of 2022 on certain media platforms. In this article, we’ll take a look at 38 of the most important digital marketing trends you can’t ignore this year because they’ll help your business not only survive, but thrive in this age of never-ending marketing revolution.

For any marketer, entrepreneur, or company looking to take advantage of 2022 trends, it’s good to know what’s new and what’s coming in 2022. come and go. Marketers love new trends and being at the forefront of new technologies and platforms.

If you own a small business, tracking marketing trends can mean the difference between a great year and a flop. These trends are expected to impact marketing in 2021 and beyond, but that doesn’t mean you need to immediately abandon what you’re doing and switch to other, more advanced technologies to market your business effectively.

I think this is the result of a long-planned marketing strategy, not an emerging trend. In the past, getting a sample of your product or service to someone with a lot of social media following was a niche job, but more and more companies are relying on influencer marketing because they know consumers trust it. Influencer marketing is more of word-of-mouth marketing and focuses on using leaders or important people to strengthen the market brand.

When it comes to promoting a particular product or building brand awareness, influencer marketing has been used for a long time. Personalization has been important ever since brands started using social media for marketing, but it is becoming more important every year. Newspaper advertising was common; Today, digital advertising and artificial intelligence play a vital role in companies’ marketing tactics.

On the media side, I’ll focus on changes in search marketing (search engines) and social media marketing, two of the most important channels for marketers, despite the continued growth in the use of programmatic display advertising by major brands. Of course, at a high level, trends in digital marketing strategies are the same every year, with a lot of interest in research, social and email marketing, and new web design and content marketing techniques to engage and convert our audiences. From the long-term evolution of existing marketing strategies, it can be difficult to distinguish the real trends that will change the digital marketing landscape in a few years.

These moving parts, along with many others, are constantly changing as new technologies, methods, and nearly endless Google and Facebook algorithm updates keep many digital marketing teams (including us!) on their toes. Every part of digital marketing—social media feeds, display ads, social media ads, search engine optimization, and even email—becomes algorithm-driven.

Likewise, we will continue to see the rise of cryptocurrencies in 2022, and marketers will be keeping a close eye on this decentralized finance trend. Kent Lewis, president of digital marketing agency Anvil Media, agrees that many brands will venture into the virtual world in 2022, and while “consumers may be years away from worrying about virtual worlds,” brands can still benefit. move. As mobile devices become more advanced and virtual reality scenarios become more accessible, VR and AR marketing will become mainstream in marketing in 2022. Patrick Casey, director of growth marketing for digital health brand Felix Health, said there is a good reason why Metaverse has been generating so much hype recently, and brands should consider Metaverse as part of their marketing strategies for 2022.

Based on surveys of nearly 10,000 marketers, consultants and professionals, the Digital Trends Report’s findings focus on the following areas where marketing and IT leaders will focus their efforts to stay competitive in 2022. 19 will not only continue into 2022, but will accelerate, according to Adobe’s 12th annual Digital Trends and eConsultancy Report, which also shows how organizations will stay competitive in our ever-changing Adobe environment. Delivering more authentic content, using chatbots and voice search, increasing the use of social media marketing, and creating compelling user experiences are the key trends to be aware of and exploit in 2021.

Digital leaders agree that large-scale personalization is their key requirement for 2022 and that they need a combination of integrated data, insight-driven analytics, and marketing automation to enhance the digital experience. It’s encouraging to note that 83% of senior executives agree that marketing and IT share a common vision.

Blackfrog is always up to date with the latest marketing trends so we can better serve our customers. In 2021, digital marketing includes media and topics covering different races, sexuality, religions, etc., as well as the representation of people with disabilities and learning difficulties.

34% of global marketers surveyed by Hubspot said they want to invest in influencer marketing in 2022 and said they make it their top investment. Analyst Altimeter highlighted this trend in his Power of Influence report, in which he recommended that brands spend 25% of their digital marketing budgets on influencer marketing, which they believe will reach $10 billion by 2020, i.e. 5 times more .

Many of the marketing trends from last year or the year before are still going strong and will continue to change the game next year. While many marketing principles remain the same from year to year, the tools companies use to achieve marketing success vary greatly from year to year.

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